Brewing Beer with Bill and Family - Great

December 29th - Stewarts Brewery.

First step - select and grind down the malts

Next, add some other stuff

James and Duncan stir things up

Cleanliness is next to beer!

Fair chuffed.

Just adding some more hops, for maximum flavour

Now the yeast

James and Duncan providing valuable assistance

Transfer to the fermentation vats.

A lot of beer to fill these.

And relax

Here's to the brew.
A couple of weeks later we returned for the bottling and tasting.

Boys hard at work.

Unique beer and a unique label - something special/

All that was left after we ran out of bottles.

Not bad for a couple of days work.  And it tasted great too.

Label designer gets in on the act.  Cheers.
Thanks to Bill for inviting me along to share his birthday
 present, and letting me enjoy some of the splendid beer
 we produced.

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