Great weekend with Iain and Alison at Carrbridge, and the sun shone a bit

First up, a stroll into the village to see the Carr Bridge.  Then the pub.

Back from the pub, to survey our own supplies.

On the Sunday we caught the train from Aviemore  –  Boat of Garten  –  Broomhill (Glenbogle).  Class (but not first).

And in time for lunch too.

Time to pose for some pics.

Oh dear.  And this was before the first beer.

After the first beer!

Back in Aviemore

Time to head up the road

Lochanhully perhaps?

Very scenic anyway.

And then time to relax.

Dinner is served.  Where's mine?

Other local wildlife.

Preferred these guys to the ducks.

This was not at the lodge, but rather at the Highland Wildlife Park just south of Aviemore.  A wee detour before we headed home.

At lunch.

We even got a wee stroll, away from the bears.

My favourite, the Snow Leopards.  This one is Chan.

And a slightly smaller cat, but from much closer to home - Scottish Wildcat

Looks like the neighbours cat right enough!

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