Shauna turns 21 - PARTY!

A weekend of celebration
(with thanks to Agnes, Kate and Shannon whose pictures I have "borrowed"

Friday October 6th, waiting for Shauna to turn up with the key - Columcille Hall, Morningside.  And a quick congratulations for the newly engaged couple on the left, but tonight they are here to work, and party.

Guess whose party it is?

Setting up

Sassy lassies

Boss in the kitchen, holding it all together.

Family portrait.  What a team.

And the slightly extended family portrait.  What a team.


Cake time.

What do I do now?

Cut and eat.

Then it was on with the dancing

And click here for some moving pictures from Kate (if you use  Facebook).
And on with the action...

And the alternative party in the hall!

The next day we caught up with Steve and Kate in Edinburgh, for a trip to Mary Kings Close and some Nepalese nosh, with Shauna of course (and Rionna and Megan).
On the Sunday we had more Shauna (well it was her birthday).  Tea with Megan and Alice, and a spider!

And another cake

Time for tea.

The spider that came with the white wine.  No-one seemed keen to drink any of it!
Then it all got a bit silly!
And that was the 21st birthday.  Great weekend, hope everyone else enjoyed it too?

And ten years earlier