Rionna and Kieran tie the knot

Part Three - The rest of the afternoon.  A mix of everyone's snaps, thanks to all I stole from.
The official portfolio of the afternoon is here.
 Part One (if you missed it)   Part Two - The Ceremony       Part Five - The Evening


The ensemble
Then we had some milling about, as follows:-

Getting ready for the confetti run

And heading off for some official snaps, which you can catch here.  Nice flowers.   The rest of this page is mostly Rionna's side of the family, as that is whose pictures I have borrowed.

Meanwhile we mingled.

What are they looking at?

Oh, a bride and groom.

These two keep popping up!

About time I was in a picture again.

Now I see why I wasn't in more pictures!

Hang on, how did Caitlin get into so many of these?

Natalie still doing her thing.

Kieran has wings!

Traditional garter shot. Ta Da.

And the youngest member of the party is amused.

Not everyone shared Max's excitement!  I am sure I just took this at the wrong moment.

Awwww.   So that was the afternoon.  Did you see the official afternoon snaps?  If so time to move onto the evening.

Part Four - Other Official Pictures of Mr and Mrs McVeigh in the afternoon