Rionna and Kieran tie the knot

Part Four  - The official portfolio of the afternoon. 
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Nice tree

Enough of that, time to get some other people in these pictures.

First pic - Mother of the Bride

And next, the beautiful bridesmaids.

Add a proud dad.

And thefour of us.

Another proud set of parents.

And the five.

The new in-laws.

And the reason for the whole thing.

An array of McVeighs, most of the Aunties and Uncles

The first borns.

The friends (well some anyway)

And the other bridesmaid gets her family in too.

And Rionna's Aunties and Uncles (and grandparents).  Seem to have lost the groom.

The cousins on Rionna's side.

Our young people.

And Keiran's cousins etc.

Steady on there!

The rest of our Nataile Holt Photography pictures are mixed in on the other pages.  Good, wasn't she?  Back to the rest of the afternoon,  or onto the evening?

Part Five - The Evening