Shauna's Graduation - July 2018

Had a lovely day 

Got the good news - drinks


... and fire.

Good job.  

We got company.

And what's this?

A surprise cake for someone's birthday.

And chill

Who's playing with my fire?

The next day we all headed off to Edinburgh for the do.

Forget all that graduation nonsense, here's a picture of Sharon and me.

The waiting.

At last, the graduand.

Back row, far side.

Blinked and missed her.

Checking it is right.

Out at last.  A Graduate.

Flat mate Alice turned up too.

Pictures for everybody

A picture without a Shanua.

Aw shucks

Me and my girls

Proud mammy

And then all again, with a door!

I knew there was someone missing.

Time for the pub

My dad and Sharon find a new friend, and god?

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