Family Fun Day July 2020 - The Pineapple

Despite the best efforts of Sat Nav we all got here.  Nice to see everyone in the flesh.

Where is this Pineapple then?

Lunch.  Socially distanced of course.

It was built in 1761 by the Earl of Dunmore as a summerhouse where he could appreciate the views from his estate. At this time, pineapples were among Scotland’s most exotic foods.

A walk in  the woods.

The former curling pond.

St Andrews Drive - impressive trees.

Elphinstone Tower, also known as Dunmore Tower or Airth Tower.  It dates to the early 16th century, when it was built by Sir John Elphinstone as the seat of the barony of Elphinstone.


And our album cover shot.  Nice to get out anyway.

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