September & October 2020

Lockdowns & Restrictions are tough, but life goes on.

Appreciate these are not really "Family" pics but they tell a tale, some ten months after our wee fire.



Light relief

And after.  Nearly finished!

And here are the family related pictures, and the first (and only so far) visitors to our new room

The engaged couple.  Happiness is ......

Celebrations a bit limited given the two household rule
Not getting to see many people - but we did manage a train trip to Edinburgh on 8th October for a birthday lunch.  Nice to get out and see people.  Then it was back to not being allowed to travel, drink outside the house, etc..

And after a delightful lunch we hit the pub - while we still could.

Hopefully by Rionna's birthday we will be allowed out again, and won't even have to go outside our health board area.

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