The Wedding of the Year - Kilmarnock October 4, 2008

First off we mucked about with our new camera

So not to shabby, now for the real deal.

Ready to party

Meet the bridesmaids

The groom, in all his splendour

Proud father of the groom

These girls keep appearing in the pictures.


Careful with the new camera there!

After the talky bit

These people feature in a lot of the pictures.

Time for a wee dram to celebrate

Some young ladies

More young ladies

Uncle Dunc

Nearly the whole party

And again, this time with a bride and groom too.

Shannon makes herself comfortable

Time for dinner

Party girls

Old, new, borrowed or blue?

The dancing has started - and hopefully here is a movie to prove it.

Jigging underway.

So who's for the next dance?

What are those young people up to?

Rockin' out with the Quo

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