Constance is 18, August 2010

Always good to have a day out, nice lunch, and a catch up with everyone, isn't it?

Look out Edinburgh, here they come

Beer, irn bru, and tunes - sorted

What a mess.  And can we get the table cleared.

And looking the other way - spot the fulcrum.

Who is laying off now?

Two beers and he's anyones.

No thanks.

Game for anything....

Well nearly anything!

Once upon a time, a long time ago...

there was a fairy fairy, who loved to party so.

Right Dad, that's enough.

But no, the fairy story grows.

No fairies here.

Oh dear.

So good we needed two pictures of this.  (Actually there were a lot more but..)

My girls

Getting closer to the train back to Glasgow

Right, that's enough of this.  Off right now.

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