MR G. N. CASKIE  May 15th , 2004.

It took 70 years to get here.  So what next?

Who knows, but on that day the great and the good gathered at Auchindarroch Hotel in Ardishaig for a celebration and we captured some of it here for you.

Awaiting arrival of the guest of honour.

The great man arrives, thunderstruck, though not quite lost for words.

The presentation speech - is Catriona paying attention?

Dad's chance to say a few words about the joke book, and life.


Two speeches down, just Kathleen to go         


 Cutting of the official cake – we were spared “Fair for your honest sonsie face" for once.

This is where my speech should be!

We ponder the words of wisdom….

and applaud

Now for the toast


Kathleen gives us her best

More tables

You can tell Catriona is loving it!

Top Table

Those likely to see another seventy years, hopefully.

The cake waiter is ignored....

 ...some people think this is rather rude,...

...and the rest eat cake.

The team.  Come on Kitty?


     Kids team.  Some behave

and some behave


Now that is nice.

Everyone wanted in front of the rhododendron.


That's better, I knew someone was missing last time.



Post lunch snack for the hungry - McQueen and Caskie traits to the fore!


        Enough to send us back to the trees and try again?


Uncle David, stop with the sarcasm and take my picture please?



   And then we went on our merry way back to Muasdale.   It was a great afternoon, but it was getting late, and I needed a drink.  Thanks to all the organisers and the Auchindarroch Hotel staff, and all those that came along, for a great afternoon.

 Chez Caskie

Marking the treasure hunt.

And if you come one step closer… were warned!

Sunday morning soccer.

That’s it, he’s off

And where is he off to now?

                Oh yes - the beach.  Let's go.


                Women are so fickle.

                                                   Thank you all and goodnight. <