Dad's 80th Birthday Outing

So May 10th is five days early, but it didn't really matter, did it?
Thanks to Kathleen, Heather and Sharon whose pictures I have "borrowed".

They came from near and far (well Glasgow and Edinburgh and Muasdale). The main photographer pictured above.

First off, a small glass for the first toast.  Got to start the day with a "Ta da" moment.  I think that worked?

And here is the birthday boy, the man of the moment.  Trying to escape into the garden isn't going to work though!
Where could we be off to next?

Getting (slightly) closer.

Ta da hats now in evidence.  If only we had had some more?

The Kelpies - impressive or what?

We even got inside (and out of the brief rain shower).

The ensemble (minus a Colin who took the pic).

While some were more impressed with the mud.

A few Kelpie images from the week before, nearing the end of the day.
And a few expiremental links, not sure how well these will work:-

Should be able to download Heather's collage here

A You Tube video of the opening ceremony

A Shrek view

You could always go to You Tube - The Creation of the project  which is excellent.

After all that excitement where could we go next?

Mini Kelpies, in case you had forgotten what they looked like?

Waiting for a lift?

All aboard, waiting to go up.

Nice to see Rosie and Jim too. 

That was fun

Just can't get enough of these horses?

And that was the Falirk Wheel.  Then back home for a refreshment and get the glad rags on.
Park Hotel, Falkirk

What a team.

The cake wasn't as dangerous as it looks!

The company.  Where have all the other diners gone!

So I think a good day/night was had by all, but if not tough!  Now what will we do for Dad's 90th?

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