Another year goes by : Thanks to everyone for making my day special.

All those pictured will get invites to my first gig that costs over 10, once I master my "axe"!  

(Don't hold your breath)

First things first, Scotland to beat Wales.

Now why has it gone all quiet in here?

Ah ha, it's Magic Bob

Not just the kids he kept quiet either

Didn't manage to keep them all quiet though!

How does he do that?

We don't believe in magic.

Oh wow - THAT'S MAGIC!

Rope tricks.... thing tricks....

....and card tricks.

Thank you Magic Bob

Next up was food.  Thank you again to all those involved.

Looks good

Then the kitchen got put to proper party use.

Meanwhile the conservatory retained a refined and sophisticated air.

More kids entertainment - Carmageddon is so fulfilling.


Hiding from whom?

Someone kept taking my photie

Yeaaa, cake time.

And the youngest party goer, Catriona

Cheeky hamster!

More unsuitable computer games later.

Workers in the kitchen.  Well someone had to do it.  Thank you.

And that was that, unless anyone else has any good

pics, which I will gladly add here.

Can't wait for the next excuse for a party.

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