An undulating walk of some seven miles - easy peasy!

Bit off a bit more than we wanted to chew for our third family amble.
First Sunday in April - family walk # 3, seven miles on "superb track and path".  Mmmmmm!

The start - Outside the golf club


This is the life.

Just before the end of the Roman Road at Garvald we stopped for some seasonal egg rolling.

Race one final positions - chocolate for Rionna

And again.

Shauna egg

Egg and Rionna

Dead eggs

And off we go again, come on children.  Only another four miles of tedium and boring track back to the car, and dinner

Someone was mucking me about!

Welly adjustment stop

Where is that nice boring track?

Is this going to improve?

Nope, just got wetter and boggier and harder;  but more interesting.

It was around this point that someone was actually heard to mutter "this is fun"!

Wait for me, sorry for whatever I have done.

Well that was fun.  Next month we are aiming for the West Highland Way (maybe not all of it), got to be easier than this was! First two days out here

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