Quality time for us all?

This is an admirable conceit
So some family activity, to save electricty and square eyes all round, at least one Sunday a month. Third day out, at West Linton is here

First attempt, February 2010 - a short walk on the East Lothian coast, St Baldred's Cradle and Ravensheugh Sands.  Everyone full of enthusiasm

Having fun.  At least the tide was out

Rionna, come back before the tide comes in.

St Baldred's rocky bit

It wasn't sooo bad then after all

Brisk, and time for lunch.

And so to March, a bit warmer but the same level of enthusiasm

Chatelherault, looking for Duke's Bridge

Opps, we should have gone that way?

The Cadzow Oaks - seen better days.

Tree nymphs?

But everyone is happy

So two days done - where next?  Third day out, at West Linton is here

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