December 29, 2010.  Golden Wedding Time.

What a good night, looking forward to the next one.  And thanks to the official photographer for some of these.

This page has most of the night, and the second page has load more of the guests.

Managed to catch up with the family before heading down to the venue

A little memento, appreciated


LATER THAT SAME NIGHT, AT THE ARGYLL HOTEL, BELLOCHANTY (the first mainland building in Britain damaged by enemy action when strafed by a German aircraft apparently, though that isn't relative to this)

Isn't everyone looking smarter now?

My girls

The photographer lines up some "lovelies"

Star attraction, and a baby

Another star attraction, and a baby

Speech time

And he never spilled a drop

Cousins and relatives everywhere

Not sure how come there are so many pics of these guys!

Shall we do all that vow stuff again.  Don't think so!

Off you go and do some speeching then

And he's off

Another wee speech

Hey, come on now?

Audience lapped it up.

Bridal party lead off the dancing

Not really fancying the dancing

Me and my brother

Me and my daddy

Oh, better have a cake too

And a birthday boy

Thomas was certainly a popular boy

Caskie girls put do some "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

And now with some help

Which one is Crazy and which one is Love?

Oh dear!

Getting the hang of it now

Aww shucks.

And on video.  With thanks to EMI for the use of the music I guess!

The kilts

More dancing and partying through the night.  Father and younger daughters first?

Giving it laldy.


Learned debate?

Proud Mum and Dad

Proud Mum and Gran

Time for cake

And a birthday boy


And a recitation

Then more dancing


For they are jolly good fellows

And lots of other people here

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