Sharon's First Party

Where did the evening go?

Yes, I know these aren't strictly Sharon's do, but it was the same day

and I think we need a picture of aunty Contstance with Warren

So to the party venue

Getting ready

On your marks

Get set


My girls

Chilling - And the sun shines on the righteous


Even had time for some football practice

Workers in the kitchen appear in some of these pictures

Play on Richard, the cake is coming

What are you waiting for?


That's better, now what is this?

After Richard we got some McQueen Brothers rock - and they did.

Meanwhile outside...

The Grandchildren

The cousins

What's going on over there?

Jimmy gets bouncy

The "young" ones?

Another grandchildren picture


I was allowed in this one

The cake

Jimmy and the birthday girl get a bounce on

A more sedate section of the party.  What has my dad just done?

Oh it's okay, he got away with it

A happy lass

Counting the fizzy pink champagne the next day.

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