Ben Aden, "just a couple of hours".

Loch Quoich canoeing adventure 2 - Brilliant

From the east end of Loch Quoich, our target is at the far end on the right.  From the left we have Garich,  then the mighty Sgurr Mor,  Garbh Chioch Mhor, Sgur na Ciche and Ben Aden.  And lots of others!


And we're off, or at least I was on my way, just a five mile trek with the tent while the other three sat in a boat.

Abandoned, as Craig and Stuart headed back for Mark.

Looking back up the loch.  That small mark on the right hand side of the Loch was the others.

Ben Aden clinging to a cloud.  Note the dip between the ridge on the left and the top of the hill - pity we didn't check this before setting off!

Hills - Sgurr nan Coireachan.  

And back up the loch to Sgurr a Mhaoraich, Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach on the left and Garich on the right.  The canoe is now just in front of the promontory on the right - I was getting concerned they were making for landfall on the other side!

All's well that ends well - fed and watered and drunken.  

The life!

Relaxing on a comfy bed of rocks after a hard evenings paddling.

A comfier rock, later that same day.  On the rocks, but with the stars!

And in the morning the sun shone

Fine view of Ben Aden above the dams at the end of the Loch

Ben Aden just over Stuart's shoulder - doesn't look to far!  Of course we went over most of the Meall a Choire Dhuibh too, just for fun.

Packing up

After crossing the dams the hard work started.  If only we'd gone right and up the corrie!  

Gaining height.  We have come the whole length of the loch by boat/foot.  Impressive stuff I think.

Ben Aden in front, Sgurr a Choire Bheithe to the right, and behind that Ladhar Bheinn - some day.

Another down and up.

Down Loch Nevis to America, or at least as far as Rum.  Top of Ben Aden just over there now.

Experimental link to Craig's video clip around Ben Aden

And to the east we have Loch Quioch, Sgurr Mor, Sgurr nan Coireachan, Garbh Chioch Mhor and Sgurr na Ciche - done them all!

At the top - all the hills mentioned above and loads more that I haven't named

Skye Cullins looking great, and behind that we could see South Uist.

Beinn Sgritheall?

Is that Luinne Bheinn and Meall Buidhe?

Made it.  The nipple is Sgurr na Ciche

The long road back.

What time does the pub shut?

Sgurr Mor looking mountainous.  Final packing for the canoe/walk out.

Stuart and I head off, leaving Mark and Craig to stroll along the shore

Wow.  Jumping fish not pictured.

So good I took another.

What a life.

And Stuart headed off to get Mark and Craig, then it got dark, and we went to the pub.

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