Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas

At last we have pictures of this one.  Previous attempts here

At last we get to scale Ben Lawers on a fine day with a camera.

Meall Corranaich on the left.  Beinn Ghlas on the right to go over first, then onto Lawers for today.

First Munro - just that one to do now

Ben Lawers from the top of Beinn Ghlas, round to Loch Tay

And Meall Corranaich

Tarmachan Ridge peaking up over there.  Wow.

Time for a bite before we go on

Striding up Ben Lawers at last, and not yet noon.

Top of Ben Lawers, looking to Meall Garbh I think

Loch Tay, and Beinn Ghlas.  Remind me next time not to go back over it, as there is a path round the side.

Looking back to Beinn Ghlas and Meall Corranaich on the right, with the Tarmachan Ridge further away in the middle.  What a brilliant day.

Burst the screen, but from Loch Tay on the left, over Beinn Ghlas, past the Tarmachan Ridge, by Meall Corranaich and down towards Meall a Choire Leith, with Stuchd an Lochan in the background along with lots more.

Fat guy on top of a mountain

Still catching the Tarmachan Ridge on the way down.

If only we'd brought one of those?

They wouldn't give us a lift, so we had to walk.

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