Three days in the Southern Cairngorms - Brilliant

                                  Day Two                                      Day Three
Day One   - So after a good night at Andys I set off at 8am for Linn of Dee for a bit of a walk around the Southern
Cairngorms.  Day one targets - Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain

Left Linn of Dee at 11, headed up the River Dee to White Bridge, crossed over and went up the West side as far as I could be bothered cycling

Today's hills getting closer, but had to fix a puncture first

Beinn Bhrotain on the left, the Devil's Point in the centre with Cairn Toul behind (day three), and Carn a'Mhaim on the right with a touch of snow (day two).

Today's route is up Glen Geusachan to the left of the Devil's Point

Devil's Point, side of Ben Macdui and Carn a'Mhaim

Climbing out of Glen Geusachan, a lovely little glen.  Beinn Bhrotain going under the cloud (I am now on the other side of this one).

Cairn Toul from Glen Geusachan - quite accessible from here

On the shoulder of Monadh Mor at last, with The Devil's Point on the left and Beinn Bhrotain to the right.  That is Lochnagar in the distance.

Just before hitting the clouds - can see Carn a'Mhaim behind The Devil's Point, and Derry Lodge is way down that glen in front.

The top of Monadh Mor - not a busy place.

With some compass work I managed to find the beleach between the two hills, which was handy.

View from the beleach down into Coire Cath nam Fionn.  Impressive

Top of Beinn Bhrotain, again not too busy

Running a bit late I had to head down the Allt Garbh with a bit of haste to regain the good path before it got really dark.

Impressive rock water slide thing

Planning for day two - ended up not doing any of these, but enjoyed the dram!
Day One                                    Day Two                                      Day Three

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