Three days in the Southern Cairngorms - Brilliant

Day One                                                                        Day Three
DAY TWO -After an uncomfy night on top of the heather, cycle back to Linn of Dee and up to Derry Lodge,
then walk Carn a'Mhaim, Ben Madui and Derry Cairngorm.  

Started out just after first light, around 8am.  Was a rather bumpy location!

Back up to the path, to see the sun coming up on The Devil's Point.  Beinn Bhrotain still on the left.

From further down the track, Carn a'Mhaim getting further away.  Had to go back to Linn of Dee and up to Derry Lodge before I could start, as the river wasn't crossable.

Still I got nice views up Glen Dee

Derry Lodge - tent up and I am off to the hills

Nearing the ascent of Carn a'Mhaim up Glen Luibeg

Bridge over the Luibeg burn, Carn a'Mhaim to the left

Another angle on Beinn Bhrotain

From shoulder of Carn a'Mhaim, looking down Glen Dee to where I camped last night

And now a view of, from the left, Beinn Bhrotain, Monadh Mor, The Devil's Point, and Cairn Toul.

Fifeteen minutes later, a view of Ben Macdui, the cliffs of Coire Sputan Dearg, and Derry Cairngorm with a wisp of cloud on top.  Wasn't sure I would get all the way round there in one day.

At the top of Carn a'Mhaim the view got even better.  As well as the usual peaks we can now see Braeriach in the middle

Just splendid.

First person I had met on the hills over the two days.  Ben Macdui behind

Glen Geusachan and The Devil's Point

First sighting of Corrour bothy, below Coire Odhar

This is why I do it.  Just splendid stuff.

There was an actual ridge coming down Carn a'Mhaim.  Then it's up Ben Macdui

Looking back up to Carn a'Mhaim from the low point

And to the right, Braeriach and Cairn Toul, the third and fourth highest munros

Part way up Ben Macdui (the second highest munro) with Carn a'Mhaim to the left, The Devil's Point in front of Beinn Bhrotain, Cairn Toul with Sgor an Lochain Uaine (The Angel's Peak) just peaking out.  It is the fifth highest munro.

Same picture ten minutes later, Corrour bothy just about visible way down there.  Hard climb up Ben Macdui, but so worth it.

The top of Ben Macdui, looking toward Derry Cairngorm

And toward Cairn Toul, Sgor an Lochain Uaine, Braeriach and North to Aviemore

And North East to Cairn Gorm, Bynack More and Beinn Mheadhoin, then Beinn a'Chaorainn and Beinn a'Bhuird

The route down was a little tricky, as had to avoid going over the cliffs at Coire Sputain Dearg.  Same hills as above still in view, along with Derry Cairngorm on the right.  Way off in the distance is Lochnagar

A chute in the cliffs at Coire Sputain Dearg, with Derry Cairngorm behind

Loch Etchachan and Beinn Mheadhoin.

Derry Cairngorm ahead.  Easy peasy

Derry Cairngorm, and Glen Luibeg.

Cliffs above Lochan Uaine.  Best avoided

Carn a'Mhaim to the left, with Beinn Bhrotain, The Devil's Point and Cairn Toul behind.  Impressive.

Glen Luibeg

You would never guess this was a Cairn Gorm hill, would you!

Top of Derry Cairngorm (two cairns to confuse).

Looking East across Glen Derry to Beinn a'Chaorainn, Beinn a'Bhuird and Beinn Bhreac, with Lochnagar again visible way off.

To the West, Carn a'Mhaim

North back to Ben Macdui and the glare from the sun

Another North Western view.

Thankfully the clouds kept high, and the rain stayed off.

And looking South from the top, down the ridge and up Glen Lui to Linn of Dee.

Part way down, looking back up the hill, with all those other ones behind it.  Good day.

I am sure you can work out what hills these are by now, if you care.  

Big cairn, at Carn Crom at the end of the Derry Cairngorm ridge, looking up the shoulder of Carn a'Mhaim, with Monadh Mor behind.

Nearly home now, Derry Lodge is at the foot of the hill.

And safely back to camp, with Carn a'Mhaim behind

What a lovely spot, and no-one else staying.
Day One                                                                        Day Three

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