Meall an Fhudair

Rounded Hill of the Gunpowder
A festive treat, eight and a half miles up Meall an Fhudair and back.

A railway line.

Looking down on Glen Falloch

Loch Lomond

Not quite the clear day we had hoped, and it got worse.

A faint fog bow.  If only I could work photoshop!

Looking across to Beinn Chabhair (I think)

Should have a great view of the hills to the East from here!

Gaining height.

That's better.  North to Beinn Dubhchraig and maybe Ben More on the right?

Still some climbing to do.

More steep bits.

Top of something - Meall non Caora?

Visibility not really improving

Definitely top of Meall nan Caora.

Leaving one top, heading for Meall an Fhudair

And this is it.  All that way for a pile of stones in the mist.  And well worth it.  Bring on some more.

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