Sgurr An Fhuarain

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that
What better to do at 10pm on a cold dark Friday night at the start of March but walk into Kinbreak bothy carrying all our gear, food and 4kg of coal each.  Yes, we are mad!.  
I think if you click the map below you can get a dynamic version, but I have not proven this works yet?

Arrived at 1am - time to get the fire on.
Luxury - no more walking tonight.  Time for beer.

The cold light of morning.  It had been a cold night, but at least we were in Glen Kingie.

Glen Kingie.  And hardly anyone to be seen.

And there is Sgurr an Fhuarain, with Sgurr Mor on the left.

And here is the bothy, with Fraoch Bheinn behind.  Magnificent.

Setting off on Saturday.  Sublime.

Looking back to Kinbreak on the left, with Fraoch Bheinn and Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh (which we originally thought we might also do this trip), and Sgurr nan Coireachan

It's behind you!

But before we could climb our hill we had to go find some provisions Mark had buried on an earlier sortie.

At least we got a nice view of our hill on the right here.

Eventually we managed to find the right stream (actually Mark seemed to know pretty much where it was).
Included in the stash were two beers... well it would have been rude not too!  (The cyclists revenge came on the Sunday morning when the two damp porridges we dug up turned out to be rank,
 but we had already swapped the two dry ones so we had beer but no porridge - could have been worse!

Decided not to do another ascent with extra coal and provisions, so left them here while we tackled the hill.

As we started the ascent of Sgurr an Fhuarain's easterly ridge we got views of Loch Quoich and the hills to the north, namely Sgurr Mhaoraich and the mighty SouthGlen Sheil Ridge.  

Let's go.  Great day for being up in the hills.

On the way up, looking back to Sgurr Mhurlagain on the left, the bothy and last nights high pass in the middle, and Fraoch Bheinn on the right.  My suggested route up that one looks well dodgy.

A view.  Glen Kingie, and beyond.
Now we can clearly see Streap to the South, and on the right  Sgurr Thuilm and Sgurr nan Coireachan.

And the summit - Sgurr Mor looking resplendent.  As are all the hills behind.  And can you spot Stuart's croc at our last Loch Quioch campsite

What a nice ridge.  Sgurr Mor at the front, round to Sgurr na Ciche I think?

Great.  Nevis range off in the distance on the left, then Gulvain between Sgurr Mhurlagain and Fraoch Bheinn, and to the right Sgurr Thuilm and Sgurr nan Coireachan and others.

Looking the other way, over Loch Quioch we have Sgurr Mhaoraich and the mighty South Glen Sheil Ridge, then Gleouriach and Spidean Mialach  and closer on the right Gairich

Closer look down to last nights horrible route over the high pass, and the bothy.  Looks so benign from here.

And back to the flat.  Loaded up with cyclist's coal and food we headed back.

With all that sunshine the snow had been melting, and the river crossing was a few inches deeper than on the way out.  No sign of Mark's cool beer he left in the river though!

And time to chill in the late afternoon sun.

Just done that.

Still no sign of life next door.

Some people just can't relax, with this guy around!
An eagle, honest.
Today's achievment - again this might link to an interactive version?  Spot the extra two miles to get the cyclist's stash.

Better fire tonight.  And a wee dram to keep us warm.

Happiness is.....

Sunday morning, lost an hour due to the clocks so time to head for home.

River back down again, but still no beer.

Farewell Glen Kingie and Sgurr an Fhuarain

Final stop for lunch before the descent to civilsation.

Not a bad view for lunch either - I think that's Gulvain on the left, then Streap and on the right  Sgurr Thuilm and Sgurr nan Coireachan.

Glimpse of Loch Arkaig

And back to the car.  Great trip despite the horrid walk in.

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