Three Carn Dearg's - Glen Roy

Not a bad couple of days

Glen Roy - quite impressive

End of the road.

First Carn Dearg - a straight forward one.  This is the one to the south of Glen Roy.

And as expected, as I approached the top the mist and rain arrived.

Nice boggy area to wander through in the rain.  Cold and miserable, wishing I had just gone straight back down.

Once I found out where I was and where I was going the weather improved - nice parallel roads

Back down, weather still threatening.

Car park significantly emptier!

Moved the car down the road having decided the best camping spot was just past the closed bothy, over this bridge.

Bothy and sheep

Living the dream

Next day, more Carn Dearg's to climb.  And a pretty bridge to photograph

That is the shoulder of my last Carn Dearg, first one behind it somewhere.

First Carn Dearg on the left of Glen Roy
Better weather at least

Last Carn Dearg on the right.

Not much left of that house.

Impressive glen, and first Carn Dearg in the background

Last Carn Dearg, from the shoulder of the second one. (With the first one behind).  

More hills.

Top of second Carn Dearg.

And the third one.  Not much else to picture up there!  And the route down is pretty much straight down to the river.

Or this might be the top of the third one - they all look the same.

Looking back to the second one

And the way home

More parallel roads.  So three Carn Deargs done.  Not a bad walk out.

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