Carn Liath and Culdaroch, then a night at Spittal of Glenmuick before heading up Conachraig

Never keen on paying for parking, but twice in the one day!

Southern Cairngorms maybe don't get the best press.  Won't disagree.  After a lengthy walk through the woods I finally saw some hill, albeit not the one I am heading for.

Further upo the track, looking back over the woods to Breamar, with Morrone on the right.

To the west, Meall Glsail Mor and Meall Glasail Beag - exciting!

The track up Glas Alt Beag.  Easy enough going.

Finally, the end of the corrie.  Carn Liath is that flat bit at the top (though I think it was slightly more interesting once up there - but check my pics below!)

The day was getting hazier as I headed up the left side, heading for one of the two tops marked at 862m

The heather was pretty, if not so good to walk through.

So the top is .... where!
That one will do.

Mmm, not convinced, but it was the highest bit I could see.

Though this was also quite high.   Was trying to just use the map, but I confess I did check my phone to ensure I was in the right place (I was).

Another thing that seemed to be the top, but wasn't.

Ah, now that looks like the second top right enough.
The stunning views

Finally a little clearer.

Culdaroch looking inviting, or this might be looking back to Carn Liath - does it matter?
Cairngorms and other things covered by cloud.

No idea, seemed to just be growing heather in these boxes - alien domination plan?

Hey, I can see something.  Loch Builg if you are interested.  And to the left Ben Avon.

Starting to look like a better day.  Carn Liath back there, and all the Glen Shee stuff off to the left/south.  Note the pretty bulldozed track running all the way - lovely.

And the top of Culdaroch.  Glad I chose a weekend with a good weather forecast for this!

At least there was some pretty heather.

The long walk out, looking back to Culardoch, which is now of course cloud free.

And the long walk out still in front.  Map shows the route is a straight and direct route, but it didn't feel like it.  If anyone else is doing these hills I would recommend cyclying this path in and
 out and doing both hills from the Bealach Dearg.  Wish I had.

Nearly round the corner.  Hill in the middle is Culardoch, Carn Liath on the left.  What a trudge!

And finally we seem to be on the way down.  Deeside down there.

Nearly back.  The grounds of Invercauld House have some "interesting" artworks!

After a drive round to Spittal of Glenmuick I found a reasonable pitch just next to the path for Lochnagar, but tucked out of sight.

Yes, it was a bit midgy, but for one person for one night it was okay.  Nice bit of the world, though rather full of tourists during the day.

Nice woods too.

Next day, not looking too promising - yet another reliable weather forecast!

Leaving the track to head up Canr an Daimh and Conachcraig.  Only one annoying fly pictured.

When there was a view.  Loch Muick down there, and Conachcraig up there.

The top of Conachraig but only 850m so not the corbett.

Decided the views were so good I would check out Caisteal na Caillich (Witch's Castle)at 862m.  But still not the corbett

What a nice day.

Map reading and compass work really getting tested today

The corbett


Starting to clear up as I headed down to the pass, where all the people were heading up Lochnagar.  Hope they got it a bit clearer.

On the main drag back to Spittal of Glenmuick.  Locnagar also in the mist.

I can see trees, must be getting there.

Picked up my gear, heading across the Glen to the car, looking bck to the old buildings, and Conachraig, of course no longer under cloud.

Final view of the hill from the road out.  Bit of a tick box weekend, hopefully next time I find some more interesting ones.  

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