Sgurr an Utha (Saturday) and Streap (Sunday)

Decent forecast - head for the hills.
Day One - late start for a walk up Sgurr an Utha (Peak of the Udder), after a night at a gin and beer festival.

Good path to start

Path becoming more interesting, if still making things easy

Climbing Druim na Brein-choille, looking back to the road far left..

From the top of Druim na Brein-choille with a most impressive view down Loch Eil to Ben Nevis

Interesting rocks etc. if you are into that?

From slightly higher I got a nice view of Loch Shiel as well

From just about the top of Froach bheinn, looking up Gleann Cuirnann towards the top of Loch Arkaig with tomorrows ridge/hill (Streap) on the right and Sgurr Thuilm to the left .  Looks a long way!

Thought this was looking North West, with Sgurr an Utha the tall mid-right peak, with other hills (An Stac above Loch Morar sticking up at the back?), but changed my mind.
Wasn't this lost on the hill, honest.

Definitely looking West, with Eigg in the background, possibly over the summit of Sgurr an Utha.  

From the summit of Sgurr an Utha, looking back to Fraoch-bheinn on the right and Nevis behind that.   Gleann Cuirnann on the left, and Streap to it's right.  Brilliant.

And up Loch Beoraid, out to Eigg and Rum.  Ainshval and Askival  to be done in June.  And off in the distance on the right is Skye.

To the South from the left, Beinn Odhar Mhor, Beinn Mic Cedidh I think, and further to the right Sgurr na Ba Glaise and Rois-Bheinn with An Stac.  Will check out when I get up them.

Steep descent back to the path

Then a drive along the road to find a suitable camping spot.  Not much to choose from here, but found this.

This makes it look a bit flatter than it was.  A little precarious.

View of the slopes of Beinn Odhar Mhor across the glen from the tent.

And up Loch Eilt from my vantage point.  Just sublime.

More realistic idea of the imperfect campsite.
Quick drive along the road back past Glenfinnan to Craigag car park, and after five minutes up the wrong road I sorted my self out and was off.

A bit cloudy this morning, but after a couple of miles through the forest I got to the open hill., and a first view of the last hill, Streap Comhlaidh.

A nice steep ascent up Beinn an Tuim - would miss this one out if I go back here.

Gaining some height, and seeing the clouds over Braigh nan Uamhachan which I had toyed with the idea of adding on!

Bit of a view of Loch Eil, and more steep hillside I have just scaled.

And to the South, Loch Shiel.

Summit of Beinn an Tuim, not even a Corbett, looking down Loch Shiel. 

The way forward, Meall an Uillt, Stob Coire nan Cearc and Streap just visible on the right.

A minute later the cloud moves and Streap Comhlaidh comes into view as the others disappear.  Gulvan in the clouds behind on the right.

A few minutes later, a much better view down Glen Shiel.

And today's view up Loch Beoraid, with Sgur an Utha on the left.  Lovely.

Panorama with Loch Eilt on the left, Sgur an Utha in the middle, and Loch Beoraid to it's right.  Eigg and Rum just visible way off.

Looking East to Loch Eil, Ben Nevis, and the rest of the world.

And the clouds clear a bit more.  Here is the rest of the ridge I am doing.  Streap still a long way off.  To the left Sgurr Thuilm.  To the right (further away) Braigh nan Uamhachan, looking less likely
for today!

As it gets closer, it gets more worrying!

Looking back down the ridge from Meall an Uilt Chaoil to Beinn an Tuim and Loch Shiel. Beinn Odhar Mhor and Beag to the right, Sgorr Craobh a'Chaorainn and Sgurr Ghiubhsachain
to the left, and so much more

And on top of Stob Coire nan Cearc.  Streap (the Corbett) next, then just Streap Comhlaidh and home!

Bit of a birds eye view, with the rest of the ridge on the left, and the bit I have done on the right.  Car way down there past the trees!  Excellent.

So let's get up this Streap (the Climber's Hill)

But before going any further, a look at what's to be done.  Streap on the left and Streap Comhlaidh on the right.  Looks a bit worse that it was.

Another backward glance.  What a great place.

And finally, after 6.5 miles and 4312 feet of ascent, the top of Streap, looking back down Gleann Dubh Lighe (the Glen of Black Light!)

And looking up Gleann Cuirnean, Sgurr Thuim on the left, and loads of other hills.

To the East, Streap Comhlaidh awaits.  Behind that the Nevis range etc.

The crags of the Comhiadh

From the beleach.  Just done all that!

Top of the last hill.  Only 5 miles and 400 feet of ascent to go.

Impressive ridge - I like it.

All down hill from here.

Looking back as I headed for home.

Done that.

If doing Streap again I would miss out this one, though it did have good views of Glenfinnan!

Farewell for now mountains.  I'll be back

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