An Dun and A'Chaoirnich - Good cycles/steep climbs

Fantastic views, great walk, and all that

Heading up the track from Dalnacardoch.  5.5 miles on bike, just over 5 miles on foot, then the cycle back.  And a decent day for once.

Back to Dalnacardoch Wood

The (fairly basic) route

No idea what the cairn is for, but gave me a nice view of Ben Alder?

Initial views of An Dun on the left, and A'Chaoirnich on the right.

And looking south down Edendon Water.

The ford didn't present too many problems!

This guy gave me a fright.  Biggest one I've seen outside Islay.  Didn't see any more thankfully.

Heading up the steep flanks of An Dun (The Fort).

Another view South, excellent.  And an excuse for a rest.

The start of the Gaick Pass to Speyside, and A'Chaoirnich on the right.

One of the two tops!

The other top - looks much the same to me!

Looking up the Gaick Pass, but also to plot my ascent of A'Chaoirnich - decided a straight up approach was best, left of the big rock slide.

At the back of Loch an Duin.

Looking back to An Dun - quite a steep one right enough.

From part way up A'Chaoirnich, looking South down the pass, and over to An Dun

And the top of A'Chaoirnich, at last.  Another steep ascent.

To be honest, the summit didn't get the best views, but loads of hills in the distance!

And a last peek down to the pass and over to An Dun, before my descent and cycle back.  Good day out.

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