FA weekend, with Beinn Iaruinn on the way home

Too wet on the Saturday for the hills, but I got one on Sunday

Quiet Friday night in prepartion for our endevours the next day.

Had plans to do Beinn Loinne, but due to the rather wet conditions we opted for a morning stroll down  the south bank of Loch Oich instead.

After that we headed home to get dry.  Decided there wasn't enough been in the fridge, so we hit the pub for the afternoon.

And then back for some tea.
Some further refreshments were taken, which somewhat ruined by rendition of Tam.  Beer, wine and whisky probably not the best preparation!

Oh dear, not sure that was called for!

The next day we headed home, but I decided to take a walk up Beinn Iaruinn as the day was okay, and I have done the rest up Glen Roy.

Views weren't up to much.

Possibly the top?

Bit more to see as I came back down.

So another one done.  Not too bad a walk.

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