Sgorr na Diolland and Beinn Loinne

Two good walks, one a bit wetter than the other

Friday, a bit showery, but ideal for a wander up Sgorr na Diollaid, the Peak of the Saddle.

Getting geared up

Start of the hill - a bit of a steep uphill to get warmed up.

Looking up Glen Cannich to the Mullardoch Dam.

Same thing from a bit higher up

More steep bits

And more to go.

and more

Living the dream.

Finally a view of the top - twin peaks

Stuart on the easterly top (which is just higher than the other one).

The westerly top

Bit of a view of Glen Strathfarrar

Top of the world, looking west

And north and east.

We decided against heading round the ridge to An Soutar, as it was a little wet.

Loads of this sort of stuff

And to the south east - more clouds.

And back to the car - thanks for driving Stuart.  And for the pictures.

Mark and Kristan joined us for a Friday night shindig, but I had forgotten my robes.

DAY TWO  - Beinn Loinne (the Elegant Hill).

Mark kindly gave us a lift about a mile up the road from the start point, which was great

Glen Sheil and Loch Cluanie after Mark had gone, and before the rain.

Rain on now.

Rain and mist

The highest point on the ridge - Beinn Loinne (W summit).  Some call it Druim nan Cnamh. 
We called it "still a long way to go".

Enjoying summiting.

And the Beinn Loinne summit (lower than the first one, and nearer getting out of the rain).  Pleased to see it.

Living the dream - part two

And down we go, heading towards Loch Loyne, and the long wet walk out.

Did I mention it was wet?

Start of the longest track in history - seemed a lot more than 2km anyway!

And relax.  Great weekend, despite the weather.  Thanks to everyone for their pics, and company.

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