Two great days on the hill and Five corbetts done.

Glen Lyon corbetts now done
Committed to the Sunday based on a reasonable forecast, then Monday's improved so it became a two day trip.

First off, drive up the "private" "road" west of Killin over the hill toward Pubil.  Road quality very dodgy, but it did get me within 45 minutes of the top of the first corbett.  First 500m of ascent by car!

This must be the easiest corbett ever! - Meall nan Subh (Rounded Hill of the Raspberry).

Start of the ascent, looking north to some hill or other.

Nice caterpillars

North again, with Meall Buidhe on the left, which I did later in the day.

Summit plateau bit, with the afternoon hills to the left, and the top of Meall nan Subh finally spotted on the right.

Summit of Meall nan Subh.  Good views all round, but cloud a little low.

From the edge of the summit there was a better view down to Pubil, with Sron a'Choire Chnapanich behind, Meall Buidhe to the left, and east along Glen Lyon to Innerwick (tomorrow's hills).

And the bottom  of Loch Lyon.  Meall Daill just vsibile, but Meall Buidhe in the clouds.

Final summit pic, before the short descent back to the car.

Lovely peat bog - to be avoided.

Remains of a trig point

And so down to Pubil to abandon the car again, and hit the hills.

Auspicious start to the route.

Above Pubil, looking back to the first hill, Meall nan Subh, with the road to the right, and Loch Lyon dam on the right.  Ended up camping just past the dam, but a couple of hills to do first.

First view of the summit of  Sron  a'Choire Chnapanich (Nose of theLumpy Corrie).  A bit of a slog to be honest.

Loch an Daimh looking a bit like two lochs - very low.  Stuchd an Lochain on the right.

Ptarmigan, getting whiter for winter.

Another summit.  A bit higher, and harder work than the first one.

Quite surprised to see Loch An Daimh so low - I seem to recall plenty of rain!

Tons of hills looking south.

So now just down there, and up the hill on the right to find the top of Meall Buidhe (the Rounded Yellow hill).

Nearing the top of that steep ascent, looking back to Sron a' Choire Chnapanich, and an extensive peat bog that I managed to avoid.

After the steep bit, a long walk to the top.

At last, the final summit for the day.  At least it was mostly dry.

And looking east, back to Sron a'Choire Chnapanich, Stuchd an Lochan, and loads more in the mist.

Oh, hang on, another two summits!  Did all three just to be sure.

On the descent the views of Loch Lyon were quite impressive.  Still to do all the corbetts down there, but Mark and I had a wet day up the BeinnMhanach munro on the right many years ago. 

And now just a tramp down to the dam, and find a campsite for the night.

Found a nice spot on the other side of the Loch.  Tent up and set for the night.

Looking back up the loch/track I tramped along to get here.

And morning has broken.  Was a bit later than intended, but I guess that's the whisky for you!

Lot of up for the second hill today

Memorial cairn at the roadside.

Hazy view of Cam Chreag from the shoulder of Creag Ard.

First sighting of the top of Beinn Dearg

The world, from the top of Meall Glas or thereabouts.

Looking north to Loch Rannoch

The top of Beinn Dearg - not very impressive, and dwarved by Carn Gorm

And the last hill for the trip, Carn Chreag (Crooked Crag) is just over there.

A defunct trap for something!

Looking back down the track to Beinn Dearg, as I headed up Allt a'Choire Uidhre path ...

and still a long way to go.

Eventually go to the point where I left the track for the final ascent, and probably the best walking of the weekend.

Lovely heather clad slopes, and then onto that ridge - unfortunately the summit is at the right hand side!

Back down the track to Innerwick, with Beinn Dearg and Carn Gorm behind.

South to all those hills. 

Top getting closer

Lovely peat bog of Rannoch Forest.

West to Loch An Daimh and Sron  a'Choire Chnapanich that I was up yesterday.

Finally, the last summit.

Ridge ran out towards Loch Rannoch, but it was time for me to head home.

Innerwick and Glen Lyons.

Little bit of peat bog before hitting the track, looking back to the top.

And down we go.  Great couple of days, despite the trudging and tramping. 

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