Three Wee Corbetts

Good to be out on the hill, and it stayed dry

Sat Nav! (or stupid user) - Meant to drive to Chapeltown/Braes of Glenlivet and start with Carn Mor, but the sat nav took me to Ellivreid and I picked my route up Corryhabbie instead, with my
 overnight rucksack as I had planned to camp on Carn Mor.   Took me an hour or so to suss this out.  So this is a view of Glen Rinnes from the Hill of Achmore.

Not the most exciting hill I have ever climbed

Another view of Glen Rinnes, out to the North Sea.

And Ben Rinnes opposite.  By this time I had worked out where I was (and how I got there!)

Summit of Corryhabbie, with a well protected trig point.  Ben Rinnes on the right.

To the West, the Cairngorms.

Then to Ben Rinnes.  Much busier carpark and much bigger path

Looking back to Corryhabbie on the path up

Getting closer to the top.  Not the most exciting trudge either.

At least there was a bit of a view over Huntly, Turiff and Banff to the sea.  Many distilleries.

Shiny summit trig point.

Looking back to Corryhabbie.  Spottted a potential campsite from up here

So many farms around here, but I found a secluded spot behind some old ruins and got pitched.

Ben Rinnes from the tent.  Not come very far!

And on the other side, Corryhabbie Hill

Nice bit of frost in the morning.  Sign of a good day to come?

Unfortunately the ruins kept the sun off the tent, which went away very wet.

So onto Chapeltown/Braes of Glenlivet.  Heading off I got followed by a lot of cows!

Lovely day, and plenty of heather

More a wander up a hill than a walk.

Pile of rocks at the top of the ascent - Dun Muir.

Odd stone marking something?

And a summit trig point on Carn Mor.  Not the most exciting or challenging of hills.

Another pile of rocks on the way down.  Exciting stuff!  Looking back to where I have walked from along the ridge.

Cairngorms I think

More rocks.  Started near the trees on the left, up the hill on the right, then down to here, and then back down to the car.  Not sure I would come back to the Ladder Hills.

Now that is interesting.  But no time to pop into Braeval Distillery.  Who's heard of that one?

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