Ben Hee - Fairy Hill

Up north on holiday, so time to get a northerly corbett under my belt.

Parked up and ready to head up the Robber's Pass

Leaving the track and heading up.

Spot the midgies - neck and arms.  Doing our bit to wipe out the little blighters (we failed!).

Finally saw the top, but time for lunch.

Splendid views to the north.

Did I mention the midgies?

Top of Sail Bargh.  More hills to the West.  Great day for a hill.

Ben Hope on the left, with Ben Loyal tucked in behind, and Ben Klibreck on the right 

Nearly there.  Think that might be Ben Stack in the background?

Well may be not quite there yet?  But the midgies had gone.

Here we go - summit cairn and a trig point.

North west - Ben Stack?

Glad the ascent is over.  Good to be at the top.

Down the glen we go.

Dragon fly having a rest.

Been there, done that.

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