Ben Loyal - the most north-easterly corbett.

Good forecast, sun to come out, 100% chance of cloud free tops by midday - NOT!

Early morning cloud almost guaranteed to lift by midday!  Walk in over roads and bogs.

That's my hill on the right

View back to the north.

Okay, so cloud not shifting much, but pressed on through the bog.

No longer amused.

Wreckage of the Handley-Page Hampden bomber which crashed here in the summer of 1943.

Getting steeper, lost the path, and still the cloud lingered.

A lump of rock - Sgor Chaonasaid.  What a view.  Orkney, Tongue and all points north!

More up to go then.

Summit tor I think.  Hard to tell!

Yep, that is the top. 

Pretty exciting?

Another view of the top, and some cliffs.

Hung about for a while hoping for some sort of view, so took a picture of the sun in this puddle.

Eventually I gave up and headed down.   This was the first bit of visibility.  Passed loads of people heading up.  Lucky them.

More wreckage.

And as I came down the clouds lifted.  Nice view north to Tongue.

And the cloud lifts.  Jings that looks a bit scarier than I thought it was.  Sgor a' Bhatain behind maybe?

The further away I got the better the day!

Been there, done that, saw nothing.

And another view, from outside Tongue

And from further down the road.  Good hill, but hard going in the mist.

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