Carn na Saobhaidhe - Cairn of the Fox Lair

First time I have cycled all the way down from the top of a Corbett.

Once we found a place to park we were sorted. 

Mark parked in the middle of the main highlands cycle path!

Not a good sign when on a bike.  As evidenced in this wee movie clip. and some of the following images.  To be fair Mark's gears weren't working properly.

Saw some Red Kites around, but didn't get a picture of any.

It wasn't all pushing.  Here is a downhill clip.   But we did do a bit of pushing.

Cracking day for it
And at the top, the conquering heroes, or something like that!

And rest.

Bike maintenance.  A bit late as it's virtually all down hill from here!

And a wee uphill bit on the descent, and some other cyclists. 
Great wee cycle, and another Corbett ticked off.

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