A walk round Bynack More

Great to be out again.

Decent weather on Friday, so headed up to Glenmore Lodge and walked three miles into the wee bridge over the River Nethy for a night out.

An Lochan Uaine looking as splendid as ever.


Not a bad spot.

The next morning the clouds had lifted.  Just 16 miles to go, and a hill to climb.

Looking back to Meall a'Bhuachaille

And to the North East.  Fine day.

First sight of my hill beyond the shoulder of Bynack More

Approaching the summit.

All this way and that's the top!  Nice views of Beinn Mheadhoin and Cairn Gorm

North East - nothing of interest!

Maybe time for a haircut after all!

Then back to the path - Fords of Avon emergency refuge drawing near.

Pretty basic, but welcome respite if stuck out here.

A juniper bush.  And the River Avon

Loch Avon - splendid.  The Shelter Stone sticking out at the head of the glen.

And a bendy, distorted view of Loch Avon from the start of the long path down Strath Nethy.

Said long path.

It was a 4.5 mile long path, but felt much longer.  Then the three miles back to the car with full gear - no wonder I am knackered now.

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