Two nights in the North

Mixed weather but some good social distancing.

Reasonable drive up to Braemore Junction for the first hill - Beinn Enaiglair (Hill of the Timid Birds).  Considered Meall Doire Faid too, but decided wisely against that.

Just above the junction, looking south to the Fannichs.

And east towards the Fisherfield Six on the left and An Teallach in the middle.

And there is Beinn Enaiglair coming into view behind Meall Doire Faid.  Just realised that one is a Graham, so I guess I will be back sometime!

Geese heading south?  just about visible up there.  Saw loads of them over the three days.

An Teallach of course, over the Home Loch.

From further up the track, Fannichs, Fisherfield Six and An Teallach all visible.  Been there, done that!

And to the right of Loch a'Bhraoin in the distance lies my second hill, Creag Rainich, and my campsite for the night.

At the top, looking west to An Teallach and Little Loch Broom.

South to Slioch , with Fannichs on the left and Fisherfields on the right.

All the Fannichs you could ever want.

And south east down Loch Glascarnoch, with Ben Wyvis in the distance

Just glorious.

North west, from An Teallach on the left, Ullapool and Loch Loch Broom, with Stac Pollaidh and Suliven and all those ones.

And the summit cairn, and East to the Ullapool hills and my final munro Am Faochagach.

And down Loch Glascarnoch again.  Can't quite see the Aultguish Inn but it is there (I checked on the Friday)

Strange folded rocks.

Then back to the car, up the road, and a 2 mile walk in to my campsite for the night.

Quick tip: Don't follow the sign across the bog, take the track.

Loch a'Bhraoin (Loch of showers or drizziling rain) looking very peaceful.  Slioch in the distance again.

Sgurr Breac (a Fannich)

Perfect spot, looking over to A' Chailleach (another Fannich).


What a lovely evening.  Time for a dram.

DAY TWO - CREAG RAINICH - Bracken Covered Hill.

Not quite sure what this used to be - oddly shaped thing.

Here comes the sun

Day two - up the hill, then back to the road.

And off I go.  Two tracks which seemed excessive!

More stone buildings, and the hill behind.

Ah, so the second track is not quite functional.  Fair bit of road building going on.

Head of the loch.

Nice spot for a house.

With a bothy at the back.  Even had a toilet!

Heading up the shoulder of Meall Dubh.

Not quite as good a day as yesterday.

Mushroom pics - anyone got any ideas what these are?

Slioch again

Summit.  What a view.  "Unique view of the fantastic slabs on the east face of Mullah Coire Mhic Fhearchair".  Well occaisional glimpses!

Slightly better view of yesterday's hill.


More rain on the way

Even An Teallach suffering today

Back under the clouds.  Back to strike camp.

All packed, and nothing left behind.

So it is true.  And yes, the trowel was nowhere to be seen.

Stopped for a look at Corrieshalloch Gorge on the way to the next hill.

And that's Thursday's hill in the black.

Another wee stroll with all the gear to tonight's camping spot

Leaving Black Bridge, heading for Loch Vaich.

Meall a'Ghrianaion hiding Beinn a'Chaisteil.  Apparently not enough of a drop between the two for this one to be a Corbett.

Not the most choice spot, but it's only for one night. Meall a'Ghrianaion still hiding Beinn a'Chaisteil.

Day Three - bright and early, and dry at last.

Bit of a pull up MeaMeall a'Ghrianaion.

And the mist descends again.  Just my luck.

Summit of Meall a'Ghrianaion Meall a'Ghrianaion.  Beinn a'Chaisteil now vaguely over there.

Looks like plenty of down and up to me.

Improving day now

Looking back to Meall a'Ghrianaion

And sight of the top at last.

Third hill done.

North to hills.

East to hills

On the way down I bumped into this guy. 

Looking back up Beinn a'Chaisteil before heading down to Lubachlaggan.

And the other way, Meall a'Ghrianaion

Going down.

And that's the hill bit done, just the five mile walk out now.

Cracking day now.

Farewell hills

All packed and ready for home.  Great couple of nights away.

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