The Fara

Another faulty forecast from MWIS and others.

So a late start, and an overnight at 2,240 feet, after a 2 mile traipse up the track with a full pack.  At least the rain went off.  And my battery died on the way back down to the camp-spot.

Not looking promising, but only light rain by now!  Hill up there.

Almost clear.  Route is up this track to the end, then camp and dump the gear before the final mile to the summit.

Looking back down.  Most of the rain over there now thankfully.

At then end of the long road up.  Tent sorted, time to hit the summit.

And one of these is the top, and what a view.

Probably this one?

Mmmm.  Time to return for a beer.

Safely back, beer opened, and my new chair making it's first appearance. 

Living the dream. 

Next morning there was a lot of cloud around, mostly down there.

Lovely to watch the clouds roll past.

Cloud free hill, but I was off to Carn na Saobhaidhe.

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