Beinn Bhreac (Speckled Hill)

A long way

First 8 miles by bike, next 9 on foot, then just an 8 mile cycle home.  Great.

Setting off from Calvine.  Lovely day.

Quite a pull to start the day, but lovely on the way back, some 3 miles of downhill.

But first we have to do the up.  No sign of the hill yet.

Beinn Dearg visible, but Beinn Bhreac not.

A nice mile of descent on the way out, a push on the way back!

Bruar Lodge.  My route goes up the hill behind.

Track up the side of Beinn Losgarnacih.

Off the bike, and looking back down Glen Bruar.

Time to hit the hill.

Bit of height, looking back to Glen Bruar.

First glimpse of my hill in the distance

Beinn Bhreac visible, with the Cairngorms behind.

Beinn Dearg.  Looks easy from here.

Plenty of peat hags, thankfully very dry.

Tarff Water

Back to Beinn Dearg.  Plenty of fish in the river, but didn't catch them on camera.

Final ascent, looking back to where I came from.  This is a long way.

Summit, with Cairngorms behind.

And Beinn Dearg of course.

Heading back.  Actually saw a couple of other people today.

And down we go, back to the bike.

Glen Bruar.  Just those 8 miles to go.

And that hill!  But once over this it was freewheeling back to the car.  Great day out.

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