Gairbeinn and Corrieyairack Hill

Freedom Friday.  Allowed out after four months, so off to the hills.

End of the road, time to get the boots on and hit the hill.

So just past the bothy, and my first hill (the corbett itself) is that wee hill middle right, behind the pylon.  Too easy.

Came across this little lizard (and a few more).

Still not looking over-challenging.  Over to the right is Meall na h-Aisre which I did last.

Looking back down the Spey Valley (yep, it starts up here).

And to the South, the North side of Creag Meagaidh.

Opps, went to far to the left.  Another peat hag to cross.

Almost looks like a path.

For an easy hill, the top kept getting further away.

Finally the top of Gairbeinn (Rough Hill)

Over there next.  More of a drop down and back up than I had expected.

Looking back down to the start point.

Gate was a bit knackered.

Top of Carn na Larach Budhe, which sits between Gairbeinn and Corrieyairack Hill.  These once were both corbetts, but now only one is, though there is dubiety as to which one!

Corrieyairack Hill on the right.  Looks easy but again a bit of down and up to go.

Another useful gate

Looking back to the last one

And on to the next one.

Looking back to the first two hills. Covered some ground.

And the final summit is just over there.

Looking West over Poll-gormack Hill and Carn Leac.

Corrieyairack Hill. 

West towards the Glen Roy hills

North to loads of other hills

Top of the Corrieyairack Pass - north

Top of the Corrieyairack Pass - south

The hills I have just come over.  Great to be able to get away from people again.

Sexy  pylon

Well down the the pass looking back into Corrie Yairack- General Wade's Military Road seems to be holding up

All three of the tops I have done.

Final glimpse

And back to the floor of the glen, and the bothy at Megrave (it was locked).

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