Beinn Bheula - Another Corbett

Great to be out and about, and up a hill

Lochgoil, resplendent as the frost receded, and the sun arose

According to the book this path is better than the forestry track on the other side of the river.  According to the map this is all forest.  Don't believe either!  And that is the hill.

I think I was meant to ascend here, but didn't.

Starting to ascend, and sweat profusely.  Very warm

Getting closer, and steeper!

Looking south over Locahan nan Cnaimh to the bottom of Loch Goil

And to the west, Lochgoilhead, and from left to right Beinn an Lochain (I think), the tip of Beinn Ime under the cloud, Ben Donich, The Cobbler, and then The Brack.  May visit some of these soon.

Beinn Bheula and Caisteal Dubh on the right.

The top.  Sadly the sun had gone and it was getting cooler now.  Much the same hills as above.

And over there we have some more hills.  Great to be up amongst them again.

From around the top of Creag Sgoilte, looking down the homebound track.

And a view of the hill from the homebound track.  Good wee hill, but ignore the suggested routes and go up the ridge.

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