Ben Donich and The Brack, a couple of festive Corbetts

Great to be out there again

Don't remember it being this dark, I think my trusty camera may be feeling its age!  This was 9am.

First aim is to get up there.

Initial ascent from the carpark was quite steep, but starting out around 800 feet up at the top of the Rest made it all the better.

It was great to be back out in our great countryside.

Top of Ben Donich, the highpoint for the day.  2774 feet.

The weather did improve, after we wandered around the slopes of Ben Donich and got the map, compass and GPS out just to be safe.

A good spot for lunch, looking at the slope of The Brack, our next ascent.  It was quite steep too!

Heading up The Brack, with Ben Donich up on the left behind us, and the A82 on the right, and Beinn Luibhean behind.

The weather was similar towards the top of this hill.

The Brack, 2580 feet.  According to my new phone we climbed a total of 3935 feet over the two hills, but I am not sure I believe it as it claims we got to 3108 feet, and these are both corbetts.

And a nice view of Loch Long and out to sea.  Glorious.

And a picture from my new phone - did I mention it already?  Beinn Luibhean on the left, then Beinn Ime under the clouds.  Hill in front is the Cobbler, though the top is not quite visible.

And nearly home

This makes our efforts look pretty good I think?  A whole 12 minutes without a stop!

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