Stob Fear-tomhais (Surveyor's Peak)

Sometimes called Beinn Stacach.  A great wander over some nice hills anyway.  1st of May, and the sun was supposed to shine.

Setting off from Ballimore Farm, up the glen.

Not come awfully far yet!

Reaching the top of the glen, with a snowy hill behind Ceann na Baintighearna, my route home.

Starting to climb the shoulder of Stob Fear-tomhais, looking back down the Glen, with Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin in the distance, with Ben Vane on the right.

To the North West, Stob Binnien and Ben More.

From a bit higher up, Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin in the distance, with Ben Vane on the right, plus Ben Ledi also now visible

And the top of Stob Fear-tomhais, looking North West, to the Arrochar Alps, looking splendid with the remaining snowcaps.

East of course.

And North, with a glimpse of Loch Voil, and in front of that are the hills I am heading over next.

Looking down Gleann Dubh all the way back to the car, with Creag Mhor on the left.

A better view of Loch Voil, and Monachyle and the Braes of Balqhuidder.

Looking back round Stob Fear-tomhais, adn the ridge round to the right to Ceann na Baintighearna - cracking names!

Nature - a little lizard I came across

Another look at Loch Voil, with Stob Binnien behind.

Now with added Ben More.

And where I have been (except the hill on the left).

Top of Creag Mhor, looking down the Allt Gleann nam Meaainn (I think) with Benvane and Ben Ledi on the left.

Last look at a good day out, even if it wasn't as sunny as expected.

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