Cycling to the West in Ardnamurchan

Great three days in Ardnamurchan, to the most westerly point in the UK and back.

First things first, get over to Ardgour

Found a convenient place to park up and leave the cars.  Stuart missed us so he started from Strontian.

Day One.  Only two pubs!

Top of Glen Tarbert.  Time for a rest.

Found Stuart in Strontian. 

Strontian, and a well deserved pint.

Stopped off at Resipool to check our phones


Next stop - Salen Hotel, for a well deserved pint or two. 

Weather check?

Quick stop at the Salen shop for last minute purchases.

Managed to spot this "campsite" from the road over there.  Lovely little spot.

Access wasn't great!

Mark might be taking his social distancing just a bit far!

But what a spot!

Enjoying a wee dram before the midgies came out.  Need to get one of these chairs.

Gathering firewood.

Beer in a box - the future.

Midgies were rather rife unfortunately.

Is that tide coming in?

The fire struggled to hold back the tide!


Sadly shut.

A jittle cycling  video clip?

Lovely views out to Eigg and Rum, with the Skye Cullin on the right in the background.

Well deserved pint (or two) at the Kilchoan Hotel, before the final push to the West.  And we did push some of it!

Leaving Kilchoan

And the lighthouse at the western end of the country.

Muck, Rum, Eigg and Skye.

Good hills!

Heading back to civilisation

John lives down there.

Top of the last big hill on the way home.

And back to camp.


Tide not in yet!

Tranquility indeed, apart from the midgies.

And then we were gone.



Top of Glen Tarbert again - nearly all downhill from here.  Great few days, and the weather was sublime.

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