Another Visit to (some of) the Distilleries of Islay, by bike

After the success of last summer's trip, Mark and I returned with Stuart for another weekend of fun touring Islay (and Jura) by bike.

Making a start - anyone for a Malt of the Month?

Intrepid whisky connoisseurs  ready for the off.  Where did I put my luminous jacket?

No, we didn't stop for ice cream.  Lunch at the Ardview Inn (didn't get round to looking at the lunch menu in the Islay Hotel).  Hard work this cycle touring.

Next stop.

Just time for a few wee drams.

And then we hit the road again, a whole two miles I think?

Managed to get a puncture while taking this picture, luckily the only bike problem of the weekend.

Time to relax with a sample.

No pictures of Ardbeg but I think we went there too.  Arriving at our campsite.

Only the second picture without a hi-vis jacket!

Darkness begins to fall.

Tents down, time to don the jackets.

 Big cycle back through Port Ellen, onto Bowmore and down to Bruichladdich.  And it only rained a bit.

Another wee sample perhaps?

Port Mor Campsite at Port Charlotte.  Splendid.  And a great view of the football.

And time for a reward for all that hard cycling.  Actually quite a big reward as they didn't serve food for ages.  How would we pass the time?

Sunday, struck camp and headed up to Bridgend for lunch.

Heading for Port Askaig, and the delights of Jura.

Nearly there.

Relaxing in the Jura ferry lounge

Looking back from Jura.

Roads were a bit steeper in places here.

View from my tent.

Rather pretty.

Nightfall again.  Blue jackets for after dark.


And our final distillery visit on Monday morning.  No samples though!

Despite there only being one road I managed to lost Mark and Stuart, but got to see a nice rainbow on the cycle back to the ferry.

Also came across a deer.

Just great.

I also spotted this otter having lunch

Jura ferry slip.


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