Islay, September 2018.  Excellent stuff

Another raid on the Islay distilleries

Bikes safely secured.


No more shelter from the rain.

Ahh - a cunning plan to get out of the rain.  What a surprise.  0.2 miles and 16 feet of ascent later.  Lunch.

After another couple of pints we managed to 1.4 miles (mostly flat) to our first distillery.  Very nice.  
Leaving here my derailleur thing snapped, so no more cycling for me today.

Stopped off at Lagavulin (another 1.2 miles down) to check the local wares.  Very nice too

And then a whole mile cycle/push to Ardbeg

Some nice views from my walk to Ardilistry Bay - a whole 2.5 miles.

Back to our favourite campsite.

More fun than it looks.

Friday night tea being prepared earlier.  Brill.

Just magic.  Seals still on the rocks.

The next day my bike was no better, so a walk back to Port Ellen for me.

So while I was at the bike shop, what would the rest do?

New campsite for us, at Kintra.  Lovely spot.

So tents up, we had only covered 9.5 miles so time to hit the road.  Forgot to put on my yellow top again.

Well where did you expect us to go?


Then it was time to head back to Kintra, via the Machrie golf course to cut a few miles off the journey.

Golf course route involves a little river crossing!  



Time to get changed and go meet the foreigner.

Sunday morning, sun forgotten to come out!

Brekkie - just what the doctor ordered.  Living the dream.

En route to Bruichladdich.

Lochindaal.  Campsite to the right of Bowmore, way over there.

Time for sampling, and a very nice sampling it was too.  Well worth the 20 miles or so there.

View of Lochindaal from Bruichladdich

Then back to Kintra for one more night then home.  Great weekend.

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