Gairich, my last Loch Quoich munro

What a nice hill, if a long way up and down (aren't they all!)

Loch Quoich dam, with Gairich in the cloud behind.

Loch Quoich in all it's glory, with Gairich on the left, and some other hills at the far end.

Time for a breather, to take in Spidean Mialach on the right, and Gleouraich in the middle, both in the cloud, and Sgurr Mhaoraich on the left in the cloud.  Still it was sunny where we were.

Gairich still hiding her top.

Looking back to civilisation!

And a bit of  a view to the South West - Sgurr Mhurlagain on the left, round to the shoulder of Sgurr Mor on the right, and Gairich still under the cloud.

It was impressive.

And then the path got steeper

Looking back to the South East

And the North East - you can make out the dam down there, so it was a fair way.

On top of a steep bit

At the top - looking back down to the dam, and on the left Spidean Mialach and Gleouraich almost out of the clouds.
AND HERE IS A MONSTER - NEED TO PAN ACROSS THIS ONE, SO MUCH TO GET IN.  As before we have Sgurr Mhaoraich on the left, then the back of the South Glen Shiel Ridge, and on the right Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach, and then the dam where we started, and the East.  Brilliant.

And looking more to the West, lots of cloud.

I believe these may not be the 2012 colours or styles, but.....

To the west we have Sgurr Mor right in front,  and behind that to the right Ben Aden, and off to Knoydart.  Behind Sgurr Mor on the left is Sgurr nan Coireachan and then some other ones.

Heading for home, though as usual we seemed to lose the path for a bit.

Another look back - it now seems a long way away again.

And the final trudge through the bog back to the dam.

And back to base - another good day done.

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