Gleouricah and Spidean Mialach - 13/1/2001 - Ya Beauty

Including pics from all the digital boys.  Most, though not all, of the smaller pics can be expanded with a click as usual.  Will we be allowed out to do this again?   

Preparation - get pissed


Twisted firestarter?

Come ahead, this one's mine  

Did you spill my whisky  

Then things went a little fuzzy

Going from bad to worse

Time for bed

And about two minutes later, breakfast.

An early start.  Recommended after a night on the whisky.

 Overlooking Loch Quoich

Loch Quoich far too early in the morning.  Sgurr Mor on the left, with Sgurr na Ciste in the left distance

Sunrise over Loch Quoich - 1.  And a map of the area.

Sunrise over Loch Quoich - 2

Gairich and Sgurr Mor across Loch Quoich

It's still a long way to the top ...

Is that the South Glen Shiel ridge I see before me?

And still Loch Quoich behind.

On the way up.  South Glen Shiel ridge behind

And Gleouraich ahead

Stuart shows us the way.

Another snowy ridge

Glen Quioch

Loch Quoich again

Change of perspective - Gleouriach (on the right) seen

from the Glen Sheil Ridge, earlier in the year.

See, it's not just all red wine and whisky

A steep bit, near the top


Gleouriach was just over Stuart's head

Loch Quoich, Gairich on the left, then further down Sgurr nan Coireachan then the ridge to Garbh Chioch Mhor ("The well rounded breast" apparently.

Stuart's first attempt at a snowman wasn't bad

From Gleouriach, to where we are going next - Spidean Mialach

Nearly there.

The top.

Are we the business or what?

Coming down from Gleouraich

Spidean Mialach not getting any closer!

Boys with their toys.  Crampon time.

It can take a while to get kitted up.

Dave and dog, enjoying views of Loch Quoich, with Sgurr Mor in the background on the left, and Sgurr na Ciche sticking up at the back..

Meanwhile the sun began to shine some more

Awaiting a decision on which way next.

Up again

And up we go.  Dog taking dump no longer pictured. 

Loch Quioch and Gleouriach.   MMM I think I can see the joint in this one

Where we've been..

.. and where we were still had to go.

A long way, especially the up hill bit!

Loch Quioch on the left, the Glen Shiel Ridge on the right, and Gleouraich away over there.

 Long walk behind us

We are the boys (to entertain you?).  The top of Spidean Mialach

On top of the world

Is this the sort of thing you don't want to see here Mark?

Obviously Flora does not want to see it again either?

A final view of Spidean Mialach

And on the Sunday, for light recreation we loaded the bikes into the car, and then cycled seven miles over General Wades military road from Glen Moriston to Fort Augustus.  Pity the army can't afford gritters!

Well when I say cycled, we also skated and walked some of the way

And then it was home for a bath and a dram.  Cheers

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