Canoe, Camp and Climb

Sitting here with sore legs and some midge bites it seems like a dream, but it really happened.  On June 17th we headed up North to Monster Activities to hire a three man canoe.  We then paddled up and down and up Loch Quoich for about ten miles before pitching our tent on top of an island in the dark and having our dinner.

The next day we canoed just over a mile further down the Loch, then walked three munros and canoed back to the tent before doing the customary drinking and some burning.

Then Sunday morning we packed up and canoed back the three and a half miles (as the crow flies, not as we canoed) to the car.  So total result I reckon is we canoed over 16 miles and walked about eight while climbing three munros.  What a life, what is next?

5.10 pm - loading Mark's car at Monster Activities

6.25 pm - unloading Mark's car beside the launch point - grid ref 004033 on the North shore of Loch Quoich

6.38 pm - the Loch beckons

Nothing quite like messing about in boats - wine and crisps not pictured!

Desperately seeking somewhere to beach and camp

After our first load was dropped on the island we only had a round trip of about another 7 miles to canoe - hey ho, a life on the ocean wave.

Pitching the tent at 10.45 pm, in the dark and rain.  And getting a little hungry by now too.  Time to phone out for a pizza.

11pm - tent up, dinner on, and time for a view back up the Loch we

have just canoed down.  Looks much lighter when the rain stops

12.30 am  - sorted!

7.45 am - too early for me!

And a similar view at a more civilized 8.45 am.  The view West from our own "Celebrity Love Island".  The hills (from the left) are An Eag, then our first target Sgurr nan Coireachan, with the flank of the ridge we have to climb coming down to the water.  Then in the middle in the cloud is Sgurr na Ciche, just to the right of the beleach known as Feadan na Ciche  (the "whistle"). In front of that is a Corbett, then to the right is Ben Aden, a mean looking hill, maybe for another day.

And a view East, back up Loch Quioch, with Gleouraich in the middle.

Breakfast is served.

How does this thing work again?  Time to go.

And a mile further down we beached the boat and prepared for the walk. Looking up the Loch to Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach.  Most impressive.

Dams at the West end of Loch Quoich, to prevent any water going the wrong way.

Our campsite is down there, in the middle.

Nearly at the top of the Druim Buidhe ridge, looking to the valley we will descend down later on, and our final hill in the mist.

South West tip of Loch Quioch

Nearer the top, mist!

The top of Sgurr nan Coireachan, honest.

Lovely spot for lunch.

Just checking, which way did we come?

The top of number two, Garbh Chioch Mhor.

My hundredth munro, possibly the first in shorts!

And off to number three

A peak through the mist back at our last hill.

We are going up there.

Not far now, maybe?

Sgurr na Ciche - all down hill from here

Getting under the mist, Loch Quioch stretches out before us, at the end of the Allt Bealach na h-Eangait and Coire nan Gall (the bit in front that we still have to walk down), and on the right hand side the Druim Buidhe ridge we climbed earlier

Been there, done all that.  First two munros barely out the clouds.

Back to the boat

...and to the tent.  A successful day.  And Sgurr nan Coireachan is out the clouds at last.

Dinner is prepared

What have these guys been up to?


Everything got a little hazy later on.

View from the tent door up Loch Quoich

You can't really see, but there are some big hillocks where the tent was

Time for home, all aboard.

Loaded up and time for the drive back to civilisation.

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