Meikle Bin - A Marilyn in the Kilsyth Hills (right next to the Campsies).

(warning - no particularly worthwhile pictures here, I suggest you move on!)

Planned cycle cut short due to hilly bit, with a wander through the woods instead, but nice to get out anyway.  Seen this hill on my drive home every day, so thought it was about time I got up it.

Parked the car up the Crow Road, planning to cycle round to path from Todholes, but when I realised how much up-hill there was in that the plan quickly changed.  Anyway that is the hill up there under the cloud.

As I cut through the forest, and down the side of the River Carron, there wasn't much to take pictures of until I got to the top!  And as ever the views make it all worthwhile.  And this is actually the top of Cort-ma Law as I didn't take any pictures on Meikle Bin!

This is looking back to Meikle Bin from Cort-ma Law.  Another stunning view!  Well worthwhile.

And then I headed over to Lecket Hill, so I could look North East to Meikle Bin, and South West to Cort-ma Law.  Not really worth the effort, but I was heading back to the car anyway.

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