Let's walk from Port Askaig (via bus to Ballygrant) to Port Ellen.  

Bothies, camping and whisky - what not to like.

Easter weekend 2018 - Friday lunchtime ferry to Port Askaig.

Contemplating what lies ahead, or how to down all that bevy before we arrive.

The coast we are going to walk down.  An Cladach about bang centre.

And looking south to McArthur's Head - but that is for Saturday.

An Cladach.

So bus to Ballygrant, and we headed off the 4.25 miles to the bothy.

Around this point we should probably have gone left and avoided the hill, but hey ho.

Jura looking resplendent.

The hill we should have avoided - not too big.
The deer fence we probably couldn't have avoided.

Coming down to Glen Logan.  Bothy just beyond that first peninsula, honest.

Getting some water for the whisky.

Just as well the tide wasn't any higher.

And here is that peninsula we saw earlier.

Yeah, made it.  What a lovely little place.

Yet another trip for that ferry.

All too soon it was time to get up, and get breakfast on the go.

Checking the route, with one of our bothy companions.

Just sublime.  Was even an otter off the coast mucking about.
More window and door shots

And set for another day (or this might be when we arrived?).

Off we go, looking back at An Cladach

And round the bay.  Keeping to the coast for now.

Not a bothy

Approaching McArthur's Head

Exploring the caves

Stairway to the lighthouse

And over the gate

Good spot for lunch.

Heading south - steep sided hills and all

Looking back north from Proaig.

Proaig bothy - or dump.  Not recommended unless an absolute emergency.

Climbing out of Proaig Bay

And back on the tarmac for the tramp from Ardtalla to Ardilistry Bay.

Familiar location, after some 10.75 miles, and nearly 1500 feet of climbing surprisingly.  

Seal rock - was hoaching with the noisy beasts.

Breakfast al fresco, after a very cold and noisy night.  Some of the noise was seals!

Striking camp - would never have known we were there, apart from that bandanna!

Closer view of the seals.

Another perfect day?

Now where are those distilleries?

Ah, I think I have spotted one.

Another reward for this ardous trip.

Relaxing at Lagavulin.  Had a couple here too.

Guess where next?

More relaxing.

and cake, which was excellent.

And no more pictures, just a stroll into Port Ellen, time in the pubs, and a heavy night.

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